Since 1996, when Drs. Warren Parker and Richard Harper published the article ”Cervical Radiculopathy Treated Surgically on an Outpatient Basis” in the Journal of Neurosurgery, July 1997, outpatient treatment for cervical disc disease has become routine. Neurosurgical Group of Texas has continued to practice at the forefront of minimally invasive and outpatient spinal surgery. Many patients now go home three to four hours after such surgery. The Neurosurgical Group of Texas has continued to transform spinal microsurgery through the combination of up-to-date imaging technology and the most advanced micro-techniques.  These techniques have translated to minimally invasive spinal fusions for those patients with more complex spine disorders. The same commitment to quality outcomes and patient satisfaction informs every aspect of the practice. The Group is also becoming known for its innovations in medical practice management, achieving greater cost efficiencies while delivering high quality, highly personalized patient care.

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