Innovative Treatment Delivered with Skill and Compassion

The Neurosurgical Group of Texas was founded over 40 years ago by Dr. George Ehni, the first chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at Baylor College of Medicine, considered by many to be the father of neurosurgery in Houston. The new partnership, established in 1996, now comprises of six of the nation’s top specialists in all phases of neurosurgery: Dr. Richard L. Harper, Dr. Alfonso E. Aldama, Dr. Andrew C. Roeser, Dr. Taylor L. Gist, Dr. Loyola V. Gressot, and Dr. Jonathan N. Sellin. The largest private neurosurgical practice in Houston and with the widest range of services, The Neurosurgical Group of Texas continues to push innovation in micro-surgical and minimally invasive techniques. The result is superb medical care that meets the quality and cost objectives of patients and the evolving healthcare industry.

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