Cervical radiculopathies (Nerve Root Compression Syndrome) manifest themselves by shoulder and arm pain with or without neck pain. They are also frequently associated with symptoms of arm and hand numbness and weakness. The most common cause is that of degenerative spine disease (spondylosis). This can present itself in the form of a ruptured disc or an osteophytic spur.

Most resolve spontaneously in a few days or weeks, with or without analgesics, anti-inflammatory medications, or other conservative measures or traction. Further evaluation is indicated if the symptoms persist for more than a month or two, if the pain becomes incapacitating, or the weakness increases. This consists of an MRI scan or a myelogram followed by a CT scan.

If surgery is indicated, surgery can generally be done utilizing a small incision and microsurgical techniques. This can almost always be done in an outpatient setting. Our patients can usually return to restricted activities in a few days or weeks and unrestricted activities in two to three months. Symptoms rarely recur.

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